Billabong All For One freestyle jam

This will be the first Billabong snow event ever in the UK, with the help and support of Jakes sponsor Two Seasons, this will be the event everyone will be talking about for years.

It starts at 7pm and goes on for 4 hours, a freestyle jam session, we are going to have a sick park designed by Jake Terry and FBBB, lovingly built by the award winning DWA, with Mikee Cee MCing the night and  DJ’s




playing their special blend of Hip Hop, funk, soul, grime, dubstep will give the event an amazing atmosphere.

No 1st, 2nd, or 3rd places here, this is all about progression and throwing it down. How stoked would you be getting a prize that would normally go to the podium places? Just for trying your hardest, our eagle eyed judges will keeping an eye out for those who have pushed the hardest, nailed new tricks or simply just had the most fun. 

This is going to be like no other comp, because its Jake Terry’s 13th birthday party, if you’re not having fun you may be asked to leave! We have a mountain of prizes to give away on the night, from our very generous sponsors. I’ve also heard that there’s going to be a talent scout on the look out! There might even be some Birthday cake, jelly and ice cream, we’ll just have to see.

The Snow Centre have given us a very special price of £35 for adults and £26 for juniors, not bad for 4 hours of riding.

If you want to ride all day and evening as well there’s a special price of £65 adults and £48 for juniors. For 12 hours of slope access.

As like last year we will also be holding our raffle, to raise money for the MS Society and Snow Camp, last year we raised over £300 and had over £2,000 worth of prizes to raffle, snowboards, outerwear, bags etc.


2 Responses to Billabong All For One freestyle jam

  1. IAmKat says:

    Will there be prizes for snaking? 😉

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