Billabong All for One Video

You’ve seen the pictures, you’ve read the review, some have the T shirts, well now watch the video. Many thanks to the Grindhouse Crew for coming down and putting this together for us. There’s also an appearance from a kid (well 18 today) from up North, showing us how it should be done

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Billabong All for One review

Saturday 9th July, what a day! Firstly I want to thank every body that came down, whether it was to ride, demo, watch, help, loiter or just join in with the fun, thankyou it was appreciated. Secondly thanks the brands that came with there demo gear, to The Snow Centre’s first snowboard show, no doubt next year there will be a lot more and thirdly to the all of the brands that supplied us with copulas amounts of goodies for the prize pool and raffle a massive thank you. And finally not to forget the FBBB for taking a load of the pressure of me, with out these guys we would have had no park, no music, no MC, no love, guys I take my hat off and salute you, many many thanks.

After a pretty sleepless night, up at 6.30, quick shower and bite to eat, I had to shoehorn into the car boxes and boxes of prizes, banners, flags etc plus my snowboard gear (I wanted to have a ride as well). I got to The Snow Centre at around 8. Quite a few people there taking advantage of the members only session to get the first tracks, heard a few of them moaning about the park being out, we need to moan more about a park not being there. (didn’t see any snowboarders way to early for them.)

I got all the boxes from the car up to The Edge, (thanks Dave for the help) With the snowboard show planned from 10 – 6, I had no idea what to expect, with the brands demo tents set up with next seasons snowboards (and skis) Salomon, K2, Endeavor, 77 Project, Icon and Whitedot skis. They were soon loaning their kit out, I had great feed back from all the brands and they all want to come back next year.

Definition Camps and Grounded Freestyle Camps were offering freestyle coaching sessions 30 mins for £6, thanks Chris and Cody you worked your butts off, most of the sessions where fully booked.

We had some 80+ people buy all day tickets, plus the recreational tickets that where sold the place was buzzing all day, a huge relief for me, we had a tombola set up in The Edge, all the tickets for that had sold by lunch time, an easy £50 to the charities.

Time for a quick reshape before the evening session, Billabong All for One, our way of celebrating my son Jake Terrys 13th Birthday, the kids where all fired up for this one. The kicker was one of the best we have ever seen at Hemel, perfectly groomed by the DWA, the rest of the park had help up really well, considering it had been used all day. Cue the music, take the nets down and lets get ready to rumble, I witnessed some pretty sick riding, we had some of our Dutch and Belgium friends over riding, they were loving it.

The park flowed really well prizes being handed out left right and centre, the high light of the night had to be and every one’s delight Jamie Nichols turning up and riding, thanks Jamie, and a bigger thanks for spending the time with the kids signing autographs. (check the video he made “Fishcakes“)

Originally this was just going to be a big jam session, but as Ludo from Tall Tee’s had made us some very special event T shirts, gold, silver and bronze it only seemed right to put on a couple of mini comps, one on the kicker and one on the new Billabong rail, this was for the un sponsored riders, no categories just overall.

Winners on the kicker

Gold went to – Mark King (he still cant get over it)

Siver to Callum Welch (skier)

Bronze to Jake Binnee

On the Billabong Rail

Gold went to Rich Mcintosh

Siver to Craig Colbron

Bronze to Ronnie Organ

We also had a prize for the most outstanding rider of the night

Cody Hierons he was destroying the park and he had taught all day in the coaching sessions.

Best slam, that went to Ross Welch (skier), for nearly decapitating Zee (photographer) we were going to get Ross and Zee to paper, sissor, stone for the prize, luckly for Ross, Zee had left.

The wait was over for much anticipated raffle draw, with some awesome prizes from our very generous sponsors. We managed to raise with the Raffle, Tombola and Billabong All for One T shirts £504 and a few pennies, for our charities the MS Trust and Snow Camp.

A Birthday wouldn’t have been complete with out a “happy Birthday too you….” and Birthday cake.

Again a big thankyou to all those that came down and to the kind donations from Billabong, Salomon, Bonfire, K2, Icon, Skullcandy, Flow, Nitro, Giro, Demon, Two Seasons, Project 77, The Snow Centre, DC, Air Hole, Moog Royale, Tall Tees, Snow and Rock (Hemel), Chuckbuddies, Adio, NXTZ, Amplify, Westbeach,Burton, Whitelines, SCUK

Thanks to the DJs, Ch!co, Pete Nash, Dave & Sam from Triple 8 Audio, MC Mikee Cee, my wife for staying waiting for the prizes to turn up and filling the house so we couldn’t move, without you all this fantastic day wouldn’t have been possible, bring on Billabong All for Two, see you all next year. if I’ve forgotten any one sorry, I am old!


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Billabong All for One snowboard day

Put the 9th of July in your diary, if you like snowboarding you’re going to love this. A snowboard show during the day and a banging comp in the evening. In partnership with FBBB (For Boarders By Boarders) and Two Seasons to book on line or phone The Snow Centre on 0845 258 9000 and ask for Billabong All for One tickets. 


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